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Badgecraft pricing

Use the Badgecraft platform to create, issue and manage achievements using digital Open Badges standard. To activate your licence package, contact us at

If you need issuing badges to more than 5,000 users or want to use our API for building integrations, contact us at

 Personal issuerStarting issuerAdvanced issuerInstitution issuer
Badgecraft servicesfree€110/year€550/year€950/year
Creating badgesup to 100up to 1000unlimitedunlimited
Mensenup to 100up to 500up to 2500up to 5000
Activiteitenup to 10up to 100unlimitedunlimited
Badge quests and evidenceJaJaJaJa
Badges as templatesOpenbaarpublic/privatepublic/privatepublic/private
Authorised issuing roles (owner/admin) availableavailableavailable
Badge Wallet App for earnersfreefreefreefree
Badge library import/export JaJaJa
Verified organiser status JaJaJa
Badge stats and reports availableavailableavailable
Badge certificates standard designbranded designbranded design
Technical support paidup to 2h freeup to 4h free
Teams  JaJa
Branches and affiliations  up to 10unlimited
Custom user data  JaJa
 For more users, please contact
Other services
Badge system designHire our team to design a badge system for your organisation/programme
Badge workshopsBook a badge workshop for your team (online/residential)
API integration and tailored solutionsRequest assistance for API integration or to develop tailored technical solutions
Platform for Cities and Regions of LearningAccess platform with interactive maps and learning playlists for Cities and Regions of Learning