Digital recognition of skills and achievements

Create, manage and show recognition with digital Open Badges.

The future of recognition is here. Badgecraft makes you part of it.

Explore Open Badges

Recognition systems

Start with one badge, then create entire systems. Have total flexibility in recognition.
Build recognition pathways with levels and milestones. Track progress and monitor skills development.
Show opportunities for learning and achievements. See how badges can encourage proactivity.


  • Create engaging and motivating quests to earn badges using a variety of activities.Create engaging quests to earn badges
  • Allow evidence to be uploaded in a variety of formats to suit your learners and learning environment.
  • Review learning using different methods including peer, self and assessor options.

Impact and achievements

  • Surveillez en temps réel comment les utilisateurs complètent les activités d'obtention de badges.
  • View and analyse recognition data. Use it to identify trends and patterns.
  • Issue certificates based on earned badges and unlocked achievements.

Badge Wallet

  • Collect evidence anytime anywhere. Your badges are always at your fingertips.
  • Easy way to review your own badges and your progress in quests. Showcase your competence profile.
  • Le service de notifications Push vous encourage à agir ou à compléter des tâches. Vous saurez toujours quand vous réussirez.

Achievement portfolio

  • Sort and visualise achievements in an online portfolio.
  • Manage privacy settings to decide easily who you share your achievements with.
  • Share achievements online and offline with digital Open Badges and printable certificates.


  • Badge earners can export Open Badges to the Backpack.
  • The Backpack lets you store the Open Badges you earn, and share them between different platforms, anywhere on the web.
  • Badgecraft implémente la version 1.1 du standard* des Open Badges.
*Le standard des Open Badges est une spécification technique précisant comment les informations sont encodées dans le fichier image du badge comme métadonnées pour les accès et les vérifications futures.

Multilingual solution

  • La plateforme de Badgecraft et les solutions complémentaires incluant l'application Badge Wallet sont multilingues.
  • Nous supportons actuellement 18 langues et en ajoutons toujours de nouvelles.
  • Don’t see your language? Get in touch to request translation.

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