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Vilnius is Learning from Cities of Learning

Vilnius - besimokantis miestas.jpgVilnius (Lithuania) - a City of Learning...We believe Vilnius is ready to use the potential of technology and get together all the learning spaces in one place. This would provide more opportunities for young people to get involved and recognised for their achievements. In the past years we have been following the rise of Cities of Learning on the other coast of Atlantic Ocean. Vilnius as a city is creating a strong brand as a perfect spot for investment and new enterprises to thrive. Recent developments in Smart Vilnius projects brought the experience of being connected to a totally another level. Yet we believe there is another opportunity to take advantage of digital era to those who strive for a need to discover and learn.

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Why is it Important to Recognise Achievements and Competences of Young people in Youth Work?

When we talk about Open Badges, we talk about the development and achievements of young people, youth workers and organisations. A person in an NGO is learning and developing, but how should one understand and track the progress or even show it to the others?

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