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Youth co-managers talks #2

2 Jan, 18:15
You can listen recording here.

Hi Arnold.

Hi. I’m from the Netherlands, from the city of Rotterdam.

So what do you like about living in Rotterdam?

Well, it’s a large city and it’s very multicultural. So you have like 197 different nations represented in Rotterdam. So it’s very nice vibrance, always going-on. It’s like a real city, even though it’s not that big in comparison to other. It’s really nice.

And what does it mean for Rotterdam to be a City of Learning?

I think it’s a new option for us, because, there’s a lot going on in Rotterdam, but the thing is a lot of people have a lot of things are passing by unnoticed and therefore a lot of people are missing opportunities. And being a city of learning of course includes a platform where you can put activities on to make it more visible, make it a more centralised platform. So, yeah, that’s a great opportunity for people to be come more aware of their learning options they have in the city.

You are the co manager of Rotterdam City of Learning youth manager. So what does it mean for you to be one?

I feel a bit nervous as well sometimes because, it feels like a lot of pressure. For me personally. It’s a great opportunity to develop all the scales, like coming from to project management and those kinds of things. But, it also gives me the excitement to be able to contribute to the city, to give something in return for what it gives to me. So it’s a bit of both, I guess.

And you mentioned several things, but what is your biggest motivator to be the youth co-manager?

Well, when I was younger, I was in care and I actually got a second chance in life to come wherever or whatever I wanted to be. And ever since then, I’m trying to give all the people that same chance and especially in the city of Rotterdam there are a lot of things going on. There are a lot of young people that are deserving that chance and hopefully I can contribute to some sort of faith to help them with.

So you do a lot, you have a lot on your shoulders. If to name a few, what do you get personally and professionally for being youth co-manager?

Firstly, personally, it’s a lot of satisfaction. Because even though we’re still developing a lot people are getting on board, so they’re actually getting more and more open to the concept. And, as soon as they start testing you know, you’re there actually. And professionally, I think, it makes me feel future proof because eventually we will be changing the way we learn, where learn how we learn. And, I think I’ve had starts to think comparisons with other youth workers. So, yeah.

And what a difference, does it make for a city to become a City of Learning to get the platform? What does the change that you see?

I think there are several changes. Of course, I already mentioned that a lot of activities will be on a centralised platform. So it will be easier for people to find, but of course, including with the City of Learning, you know, the Open Badges system, I think it’s also a way to, to recognise non-formal learning that’s going on. And especially in the city of Rotterdam where a lot of youngsters tend to drop out of school it can really help them to still get some sort of start qualification to enter the job market. So it’s can be a real change maker actually.

A win-win situation for all of them…


How can young people in Rotterdam become a part of this initiative?

So participating in activities on platform that goes all to the website, but if they want to do for example, their own activities for on the platform. There are several stakeholders involved and, most of the time youngsters are getting involved through those stakeholders to create their own activities for the platforms. So, that’s the easiest way. And otherwise they can always reach out to us. I mean, our contact details are on the website. So, if they want to get involved with some sort of anything, also I’ll come to help.

Is there anything you would like to say for other partners, other, young people all around Europe and around the world who are a part of this huge network and initiative?

Yes, there are some things I would love to say. I think we can still grow with the connection with each other, you know, to be more and more connected and to even learn more than we already are learning from each other. And hopefully, maybe we can have some sort of exchange with 35 different platforms. All right. That will be amazing. So that’s basically a dream maybe. In the meantime, people, do good work and keep on going, stay motivated, make it a success.

Thank you so much.

Visit the platform of Rotterdam City of Learning.