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BlogArticlesYouth co-managers talks #7
Awero team

Youth co-managers talks #7

2 Jan, 20:42
You can listen recording here.

Hi, Rebecca. It’s nice to meet you here in Magdeburg which is the capital of your region, right?

Yes, that’s right.

What do you like best about living here?

I really like that Magdeburg has so many green spots, many parks. Like you can have a walk, have a picnic and have a barbecue maybe. And there is also the big river, the Elbe, where it’s really nice to stay and to walk.

And how about learning opportunities? Do you have any learning opportunities here?

Yes, of course there are a lot of opportunities. We are trying to show them of course, on the Sachsen Anhalt Region of Learning platform.

What has changed since your region joined Cities and Regions of Learning network?

I don’t know what exactly changed because when I moved to Magdeburg it was already part of the network, but I know that in the last months and also years, it changed a lot and developed and, there are also more activities on the platform, every month.

And we are also trying to involve more organisations to show their learning opportunities for young people.

Do you have any specific topics you work on or try to expand this initiative?

We have a focus on international learning opportunities because that’s what we do a lot, here in Magdeburg like in our educational center. Also our young people have chosen their own focus when they work with a platform and that’s sustainability.

Is it just for young people, because you mentioned that you work with organisations, so what does it look like?

I would say the platform is mainly for young people and their opportunities, but of course we also use it together with organisations and we are trying to involve more and more so they can also put on their learning opportunities, but more also for young people. Sometimes we have, for example, a training course for staff who’re working in the youth work sector. So also for them, we are using the platform.

If young people or for example, those organizations from your region would like to learn or find something new, what should they do? Where should they look for information about your platform?

We share on social media, of course. but also when they are connected to us in any way through any project, we can give them any information. We also have a website for our young people. Like we have a youth council who’s meeting every month. And, these young people also know a lot about the platform and want to give this information to other young people. So they are happy to answer questions.

It’s nice that you have such a structure in your work. And how about future plans? What can your region offer or give to young people, or maybe even others in the upcoming months?

As I mentioned before, we want to work closer also with other organisations. So it can be like the platform can grow and we have many, different learning opportunities. So maybe not only our, like two focuses, but like even more wider topics.

So it’s an open call for new partners, right?


I saw you being really busy, these days, working late nights in the office. Did this initiative change anything, in your personal or professional life?

Yes. It changed a lot, I would say. So when I started working with the initiative, I was still studying social work and it was mainly, like being engaged as a young person, but I was so excited about the initiative and the Cities of Learning network that I wanted to work, like have a proper job in, in there. So, when I finished my studies, yeah, I applied, and now I’m employed. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so motivating to work with international people. So it’s really exciting to meet sometimes online. Sometimes, in different countries, we work and meet all the colleagues and get inspired also by their ideas.

If there would be something you would like to wish for your partners, colleagues or young people across the globe? What would it be?

I hope that we can together grow with the Cities of Learning network and, yeah, in the future that it’s known like everywhere and more people know about it even.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you.

Visit the platform of Sachsen Anhalt Region of Learning.