About Badgecraft

We have been facilitating learning for the last 15 years. Mainly, but not exclusively outside of the formal education curricular. We were working with international youth development programmes; delivering training for staff of nonprofit and business organisations; offering training for trainers; supporting schools in their extra-curricular activities and teacher training.
We cared about learning and we were looking for a solution to recognise learning wherever and whenever it happens.

In 2010 we got to know about Mozilla Open Badges. Then we started to Badgecraft.

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For us and many alike, Open digital badges is perhaps one of the most effective ways to implement meaningful assessments and accurate recognition systems of diverse types of achievements.

Now, with badges, we can offer gameful, but yet credible competence assessment systems; solutions to validate prior-learning; support personal and professional development of staff,
create motivating and engaging recognition systems of any achievements.

With Badgecraft you can do all of this and more.

We offer a multilingual web-platform to manage any achievements using world-wide standard of Open digital badges. You can earn, create, issue, share, sort, display badges on-line and use them to communicate achievements where matters. Badgecraft platform has many features for you to make the most out of Open digital badges:

  • You can easily set up your badge projects, create and issue Open digital badges, assign roles to users (e.g. owner, manager).

  • Badges can have pre-defined quests with specific tasks to be accomplished, request for evidence and include multiple-types of assessment (e.g. self, peer, managers)

  • Badge earners can display, share and download their Open digital badges.

  • Trusted Partners are constantly adding new languages with the help of integrated translation tools.

Features of the platform are developed in close cooperation with learners, learning providers and employers. All features of the Badgecraft platform can be integrated into third-party solutions through API.

Badgecraft team is ready to support any organisation willing to design and implement badges systems. We can offer a tailor-made services of badge system design, staff training, consultancy and coaching to have best working badge systems.

You can benefit from our expertise in the following areas:

  • Badge system design and implementation

  • Validation and recognition of achievements

  • Facilitation of leaning and learning-to-learn

  • Gamification and engagement practices

  • Meaningful assessment flows

  • Use of digital technologies for learning and work

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