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Awero team

Awero: dedicated to lifelong learning and recognition

19 Apr, 19:45


You have been used to seeing and using our digital solutions, including Cities of Learning, Badgecraft and Badge Wallet, or participating in international learning opportunities facilitated by the NGO Nectarus organisation. During 2024, we will bring all these elements together in one organisation.

That organisation is Awero.

For people, it's about reimagining how learning happens and how they can communicate their abilities; and for not-for-profits, public institutions and businesses, it's the programmes and tools they need for talent development, building skills and competences.

Awero encompasses integrated digital solutions, offering competence development, assessment and recognition across learning domains, plus, training and consultancy using engaging methodologies.

Our team’s decade-long track record of delivering meaningful educational experiences means we understand how learning happens best, and Awero supports that.

Why now?

Over the last two decades, we’ve delivered meaningful and impactful international learning opportunities through Nectarus, and in 2011, we discovered Open Badges, setting us on the course to establish Badgecraft.

Since then, the number of organisations using our digital solutions has grown to more than one thousand. And now, we’re moving to a new platform access model where organisations can have more impact with Awero, ensuring our services and solutions are there for learners long into the future.

What does this all mean for you?

In practice, when it comes to our platforms, you’ll still be able to use all the features of Cities of Learning, Badgecraft and Badge Wallet, but in one solution that works together seamlessly. And, for our training and consultancy work, we’ll still deliver the same high-quality experiences that unlock learning so people can thrive in their fields.

In the near future, you will start to see a change in our branding, and the name Awero will appear more often. Your learning opportunities and the achievements of your users will remain though.

When it comes to pricing, things will stay the same. For learners, there will be no cost for using Awero, and price plans for organisations won’t be changing either. And, thanks to our freemium model, organisations can continue to use the platform for free for up to 100 users.

When it comes to pricing for learners using personal accounts, things will stay the same, and there will be no cost for using Awero’s platforms. While for organisations, there will be three options to choose from:
  • Open Access - anyone can register Personal and Organiser accounts and use the platforms by accepting our standard Terms of Service, Privacy and Data Security Policies. Voluntary donations are more than welcome in return for open access to our platforms.
  • Enhanced Access - we sign an Enhanced Access agreement that entitles organisations to choose a flexible level of access for a tier of users and use the platform as it is with an understanding and acceptance of how we maintain and operate platforms. Standard policies will apply to this level of accounts.
  • Partner Access - We sign a Partner Access agreement that provides organisations with the maximum possible platforms’ functionality and features, priority to respond to bug reports, additional collaboration and funding opportunities. In exchange, a commitment is required to seek together resources to sustain platforms. Standard policies will apply to this level of accounts.

You can find out more details about access costs and plans here.

Learning programmes and ecosystems to nurture talent

Awero caters to not-for-profit, public institutions, and businesses, creating bespoke learning programmes and ecosystems to nurture talent within and outside organisations.

We provide learning, training and consultancy services on:
  • Digital tools, platforms and digital transformation strategies
  • International programmes and intercultural methodology
  • Engaging learning design, facilitation and training of trainers
  • Futures thinking and skills development for the 21st century
  • Innovation and professional development paths in education, youth work and non-formal learning

We offer a Badge Wallet app, Cities of Learning, and Awero online platforms to recognise and meaningfully communicate what people can achieve and do. Individuals and organisations can use our platforms for:
  • 360º competence review, assessment and development
  • Developing thriving learning ecosystems
  • Applying competence frameworks/standards to talent and skills development
  • Designing flexible learning pathways
  • Facilitation of learning and learning-to-learn
  • Gamification and engagement practices
  • Meaningful assessment flows
  • Badge system design and implementation
  • Validation and recognition of skills and achievements
  • Solutions for micro-credentials and other digital credentials
  • Adopting digital technologies for learning and workplace development

We collaborate and work with not-for-profit, private and public organisations that fall into these categories:
  • small and medium size organisations
  • public institutions and programmes
  • cooperatives and businesses
  • European/international networks and consortiums

Our partners and clients offer personal and professional development opportunities to their members, employees and programme participants. They are to support learning, reflection and recognition. Many want to know analytical information about learning and activities. Through investing in learning and development, organisations wish to help people and staff to grow their potential and access new opportunities - in life, education and careers. Simply put, they want to make learning (more) impactful, visible and traceable.

Organisations we work with are proud innovators that connect insights and inspiration. We enable people to develop personal, civic and career competences, skills, and attitudes.

Still have questions?

As Awero rolls out, we’ll share more information about how this change will benefit you. But in the meantime, you can contact our team for more details: