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Awero team

The new social enterprise VIBE Nederland

2 Jan, 20:50
Loek and Jesse have both just graduated from the Social Work study and have the social mission to enable vulnerable young people with labor potential to participate in the labor market in a sustainable way. This is what they do with their new social enterprise VIBE Nederland.

One of the ways in which the empowerment of young people is strengthened is by offering badges and certificates in collaboration with Cities of Learning. To get acquainted with Cities of Learning, Loek and Jesse first participated in two international activities funded by Erasmus+. These were Future Skills Now in Slovenia and Youth Co-Design in Germany. They also participated in the promotional video of Dutch video of Cities of Learning.

Loek and Jesse have chosen to have their own platform with VIBE Nederland. In this way, they can create badges and certificates that match the specific skills of the young people they supervise. In addition, they have developed a trajectory that young people go through before they start working. During this process, obtaining badges and certificates that are necessary in the labor market is central. They also want to continue to provide young people with badges and certificates when the young people are at work. In this way they want to provide customization to what the young people need and they want to continue to empower the young people when they are at work.

If you would like to get in touch with them, you can send an email to or reach them on LinkedIn. This can be done via the Linkedin of VIBE Netherlands or via their personal LinkedIn: