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Awero: the digital solution for lifelong learning

15 Aug, 11:23


You’ll be used to seeing and using our digital solutions including Cities of Learning, Badgecraft and Badge Wallet, but over the coming months we’re bringing all of these together in one platform to offer a more joined up experience for learning.

That platform is Awero.

For people, it's about reimagining how learning happens and how they can communicate their abilities; and for organisations and businesses, it's the tool they need for talent development, building skills and competences.

Awero is a set of integrated digital solutions, offering competence development, assessment and recognition across continents, and because we’re truly international, it has multi-lingual support built in.

Plus, our team’s decades-long track record of delivering meaningful educational experiences, means we understand how learning happens best, and Awero supports that.

What does this all mean for you?

In practice, you’ll still be able to make use of all the features of Cities of Learning, Badgecraft and Badge Wallet, but in one solution that works together seamlessly.

In the near future, you’ll start to see a change in our branding and the name Awero will appear more often. Your learning opportunities, and the achievements of your users will remain though.

When it comes to pricing, things will be staying the same. For learners, there will be no cost for using Awero, and price plans for organisations won’t be changing either. And, thanks to our freemium model, organisations can continue to use the platform for free for up to 100 users.

A feature-rich, customisable platform, that’s growing

We know that one size rarely fits all, for the Awero learning platform can be customised based on need. It can work for an organisation, business, geographic area such as a city or region, or a stand-alone development programme. It can even act as a whole website, as well as a solution to assess competencies.

And because of our collaborative approach to working with our clients and partners, even if a feature doesn’t exist today, that doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow. We’re committed to continuing to develop Awero to meet the diverse needs of people and organisations globally.

Benefits for learners:
  • Access to learning opportunities.
  • Recognition of practical experiences, skills and achievements.
  • Discovery of new opportunities.
  • Professional support for future careers and unlocking opportunities.

Benefits for learning providers:
  • Better visibility.
  • Data on the impact and achievements.
  • Platform to connect various types of learning in the territory.
  • Digital tools to support learners in developing 21st-century skills.

Benefits for city and region administration:
  • Open and inclusive learning infrastructure.
  • Data to inform public policy decisions.
  • Means to achieve strategic goals
  • Lifelong learning opportunities

Benefits for business and employers:
  • Better job readiness.
  • Real overview of skills in the territory.
  • New channel to search for talents.
  • Employer and business branding.

Visit our about page to find out more about Awero’s features.

Still have questions?

As Awero rolls out we’ll be sharing more information about how the development of the platform will benefit you. But in the meantime, you can contact our team for more information via